Disaster/Crisis Contact Inf.

Holdrege Memorial Homes Disaster Plan – Contact Your Loved One

Holdrege Memorial Homes has a comprehensive Disaster Plan in place. The Disaster Plan outlines the procedures the staff will follow in the event of a man-made or natural disaster. Copies of the Disaster Plan are available at all nursing stations throughout the facility as well as in the Business Office.
In the event of a disaster it is important that we are able to make contact with your family and/or friends. We have a telephone based service called “Contact Loved Ones” that you or your family can access in the event of a crisis situation.

How to Use Our Free Telephone-based Service

In or after a hurricane, earthquake, or other disaster:
- If you can’t reach family members or friends, call the number below and listen carefully to the instructions. You will be able to leave voice messages for your loved ones and check if they have left a message.
- If people can’t reach you, call the number below and listen carefully to the instructions. You will be able to leave a voice message for family members and friends looking for you and check for messages they may already have left for you.
- When you call in, use your telephone keypad to enter an old phone number from before the storm, either yours or those of the family and friends you wish to contact. You will not be entering your current contact number in the beginning of the call, but please speak it when you leave your voice message.

To reach the free Contact Loved Ones telephone service
From within the US, dial 1-443-992-4890
From outside the US, dial 1-443-992-4890

Please note that during emergencies we may experience heavy call volumes. If our telephone number is busy, please check this page for alternate numbers or try calling again later. Thanks.