Disaster/Crisis Contact Inf.

Holdrege Memorial Homes Disaster Plan – Contact Your Loved One

Holdrege Memorial Homes has a comprehensive Disaster Plan in place. The Disaster Plan outlines the procedures the staff will follow in the event of a man-made or natural disaster. Copies of the Disaster Plan are available at all nursing stations throughout the facility as well as in the Business Office.

In the event of a disaster it is important that we are able to make contact with your family and/or friends. We have a phone mass notification system to contact the person you have named as your primary contact in the event of a disaster.  This message will provide general information regarding how the facility is dealing with the disaster.  Once we have more detailed information following a disaster, we will contact your family representative individually to give updates as needed.

Communication is always important, and especially so during a disaster, therefore we ask that you make the facility aware of any change to your primary contact's number. 

Please visit with a staff member if you have questions or concerns regarding our Disaster Plan.