For the past eight years our mother Phyllis was a resident at Holdrege Memorial Homes (HMH), and for the last year our father Vincent.  Their respective experiences at HMH were truly what one would describe as a home away from home.  And for their experience, the extended Colgan family wants to offer their heartfelt thank you and give proper acknowledgement to those at HMH.

It would be misleading to suggest that either Mom or Dad wanted to move to HMH -- their independence was certainly very difficult to give up, probably more so for Dad than Mom.  Once the reality of their conditions set in, they both did what they had done all their lives-accept the situation for what it was and make the best of it.

Making the best of it for Mom, Dad, and the entire family was certainly made easier by ALL the people at HMH.  The professional staff was quick to respond to any inquiries made by the family who are all living remotely from Holdrege.  Information was readily shared that gave us a feeling of being properly informed and removed most of those moments of anxiety.

While Mom and Dad both received wonderful care from Dr. Jeff Berney at Phelps Memorial Health Center, they, and we, were always relieved when they got back to their place of comfort and care, HMH.  The management, nurses, and CNAs treated them like their own family and it was very obvious when we would visit.  Actually, it didn't matter what the job responsibility was of any employee-everyone that came in touch with Mom and Dad interacted in a positive way.

The opening statement of the HMH Mission Statement reads "In cooperation with Christ's compassion and healing and in faithfulness to our Christian heritage".  We, the extended Colgan family, witnessed first-hand that compassionate and healing nature-truly the Christian heritage.

We thank you and we pray you be blessed.  We will never forget all those words spoken and actions taken at HMH to improve the lives of our loving mom and dad, Vincent and Phyllis Colgan.

Jim Colgan, West Sacramento, CA  

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